Week 11 of 17 Ironman Arizona Training – Tick

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Another week of training done! I goofed early in the week and didn’t read my plan correctly so I had to switch Tuesday and Thursday so technically I didn’t go Hulk Mode but I did do all the training on my plan!

The biggest concern this week was the heat wave we were having. That meant getting out as early as possible which isn’t always that early. Sunday I couldn’t get out until after 9:00 AM for my long ride (5:30) and I knew it was going to heat up. The tide started out fine and once I got closer to the coast (besides the wind) the temperature was perfect! I could even see some fog and cloud cover at the coast. I was riding back from my first trip to the fruit stand when I got a puncture. I ride tubeless tires and had nothing with me to fix it (yes, I know that is stupid). Amazingly the stuff they put in the tubeless tire did it’s job and it sealed itself! I decided to ride back home (and back to the heat) just in case I fully flatted. The tire made it a good 32 miles all the way home. I switched out my wheel and finished up on the trainer and then on the treadmill. It wasn’t what I was hoping for but it was all I could manage.

Overall I am feeling good and handling the training well. I am not as fast as I wish I was but I am handling the volume. Only one more really long ride coming up this weekend. The race is so close!! Right now I just need to keep my head down and finish strong (something I need to work on in the pool as well :-) )


TRISLIDE Product Review


I was very lucky this year to get support from SBR Sports. They make a series of products for athletes that I love! I use their shampoo, body wash, and conditioner after every swim and my hair has yet to turn green! Not only that, I swear my swimming suit has lasted longer because the soap gets the chlorine out of that as well.

One of their other products I have grown to love is TRISLIDE. It is a lubricant spray you can use to prevent chafing when working out. You may think this is only good for swimming in your wetsuit but that is not so! One of my favorite uses is to use it to keep from chafing on my long runs. I use it on my arms and thighs when I run long. What is great about it is it sprays on lightly but works for along time. It isn’t thick and sticky like some of the other chafing products can be. It works perfectly! With my wetsuit I use it on my wrists and neck to prevent chafing. It also helps get your suit off quickly when you are done.

They also just announced a new product called Dermasport. I am super excited to try the produce and let you know how it goes. My skin takes a beating with all the training I do in the pool, ocean, and sun. I am very excited to see how this product works.

Week 9 &10 of 17 Ironman Arizona Training – 26.2 miles!!!

10436679_10152705751593550_752906305840640837_nSorry I missed my training update last week. The week got away from me so by the time I thought about it it was kind of late. I broke my Hulk Mode streak and actually missed my open water swim all together during week 9 (ocean conditions and the desire to sleep in won). I also rode over on my long run (I really want to get some bike miles in to boost my confidence). That mistake made itself be know by a crummy swim at the beginning of the week. Then for the rest of week 10 things went pretty well.  Had to switch my Wednesday open water swim to Friday  because there was too much fog to swim. That means I ended up not taking a full rest day at all last week. I did my long ride on Saturday for a change due to children commitments and had to long run on Sunday. The ride went great (41 achievements in Strava)! 5 hours on my new normal ride. I felt really good until mile 75 which was when I was heading home (all uphill…).


Week 9

Week 9


Week 10

Week 10

My biggest concern right now is the run… I realized that I haven’t run a marathon since Ironman St. George in 2012 (and I wouldn’t call that running)! I am very happy with the volume of running I am doing in my training. I am just nervous because it has been so long since I have run the distance. Below are my last 5 moths worth of running.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.25.23 PM

Run Time and Distance by Month

I am not running as fast as I would like but I am handling the time/distance. I just ordered two new pairs of shoes to get me through to Arizona (I kill shoes very quickly). I just need to trust my training (which I do).

50 Days

10404166_10204465609861659_5208909635043423691_nJust 50 days until Ironman Arizona! If you had asked me 9 weeks ago if I would be excited at this point I would have said no. I was very close to being burned out and quitting when I started training specifically for Ironman Arizona.  Then after having a bike crash in the first week of training I was really doubting if I would make it. But I am happy to say I am so excited for the race! I still have a good chunk of training left to do but I know it will fly by.

I think a few of the things that have helped me be successful so far are  (in no particular order):

  • Hiring a coach. It has made my job so much easier to not have to plan what I an doing. All I have to do it follow the plan. It also helps to have one more person to hold me responsible. If I do this again (and yes, I am thinking about it) I would get a coach for sure!
  • Keeping it simple and planning ahead. My life is very busy so I have worked to keep things simple. I have been starting all my bike rides from my house to cut down on the time it takes. I am also planing ahead as much as possible. That means getting all my gear prepped the night before so there are excuses in the morning. It also means sitting down with Stuart to plan out the week; when we have kids, what we are having for dinner, and what his workout schedule is.
  • Stuart. OMG He has helped me more than I can explain. Kicking me out of bed in the morning, taking all the kids to school, prepping the coffee maker before we go to bed, and just making me feel worth it. This race is as much his as it is mine and I can’t wait to share the day with him.
  • Online friends. I have amassed a really special group of friends that have been amazing cheerleaders for me. Many of them have been through this before so they know what I am experiencing. I have also been active in a Facebook group for the race and that has really kept me motivated. It is good to hear I am not the only one that has a bad week or loses my mojo from time to time. It is fun to obsess over things like bike shorts and nutrition plans with people who understand you.

Just 50 more days til I get to hear Mike Reilly call my name!  “Rebecca Neumeier, you are an Ironman!” (and hopefully this time I won’t be last!)

Week 8 of 17 Ironman Arizona Training – #noangrykitty

Another week done and I feel great (touch wood!). I had 16 hours on my schedule this week and I was able to have another Hulk Mode week, all green!


The red you see is because I did an extra run to warm up for Tower 26 so I did the other run that night. I feel so strong! I am still not running as fast as I would like but this race won’t be about speed, it is about endurance. Most notable workout was Sunday for sure. I had 5 hours on my bike followed by a 30 minute run. We are having a heat wave here (September is always the hottest month in Southern California) so I got out as early as I could which was just before 8. I rode the same route as last week out towards Camarillo/Oxnard to get to flat quiet roads and my beloved fruit stand. Difference this week was I had to turn around and come back instead of meeting up with Stuart at the beach. Ride went well. I made sure to drink a lot of water, eat consistently, and take an S-Cap every hour. I had a Coke at the fruits stand after about 3 hours. The ride back was hard. Very hot, very still air, and uphill. I was a mess when I got home and started crying. I couldn’t bear going back outside. Stuart suggested a big glass of ice water and then the treadmill. I started running and felt great! I could have easily run another hour plus! I didn’t feel bad about taking my run inside because I don’t expect to have those conditions on race day. Had I gone back outside I would have made myself sick. Click here for the Garmin details.

I name this week #noangrykitty because I continue to be amazed at what a great kit my Coeur kit is. 5 hours in the saddle and NO issues to speak of. My sit bones were tired but whose wouldn’t be. I have ZERO chafing uncomfortable rubbing in their seam-free chamois. I will be ordering another kit soon. They had some cute stuff at Interbike so I am hoping to get one of the new patterns.

I am sticking to my plan to keep things simple and plan ahead. It is paying off for me and I am getting the training done. Of course, I couldn’t do any of this without the support of Stuart and the kids. Stuart picks up so much of the household duties so I can get in my training. The kids are fairly tolerant of the training but truly have an appreciation of what I am doing. My oldest is running cross country so I get up extra early to get my run in Saturday’s so I can meet up with his team and run with them after. It has been an very cool experience!

Here are the totals for the week:

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.26.47 PMAnd here are a few pictures from my ride Sunday:

Behind me are pumpkins and in my jog bra is a tube of S-Caps.

Behind me are pumpkins and in my jog bra is a tube of S-Caps.

I passed this total hotty when I started my ride. We totally missed the Unicorn!

I passed this total hotty when I started my ride. We totally missed the Unicorn!

The heat brought out the bugs and I was covered in them! YUCK!

The heat brought out the bugs and I was covered in them! YUCK!

Ticking Off the Boxes

Hard to believe I have less than 9 weeks until my second Ironman Triathlon. It seems like forever ago that I decided to do it and now the date is quickly approaching. At this point I am training as best I can (which is actually going really well) and starting to make sure I have all my ducks in a row.

Last couple things I need are:

  • Water bottle mounted to back of bike (in progress)
  • Replacement helmet since I crashed in my virtually new one 7 weeks ago (ordered)
  • Bike tune up
  • One more new kit (I have my eye on a new one from Coeur Sports, #noangrykitty)
  • Fresh pair of running shoes (mine won’t make it 9 more weeks, not the way I run)

This sport is crazy expensive and I am glad that I have no major triathlon plans after this race. I am sure I will do them again, but I am looking forward to drastically reducing my “kit budget” in the very near future.