Say it

I have written before about how much support I have gotten from social networking (Twitter, Dailymile, Facebook, etc…).  This week was yet another case of that.  I am thinking about taking my running to a new place; off the road and onto the trails.  And thanks to finding someone local that has a passion for trail running I am considering doing an ultra distance event on the trails.

I have met some awesome people/athletes through Twitter and the Dailymile that have experience with doing ultras.  I tweeted them this week to say I was thinking about doing a 50K and I got a reply that really helped me commit to it. “Which one? & what’s this “might” stuff? Go for it!! See it, say it, Make it Happen!!” was the reply.  It was the “say it” part that got me charged up.  Once you “say it” in one of these social environments, your support group (crew) immediately grows; as does the accountability level.  Having those people to lean on for support and watch over you as you train will help keep me honest in my training.  It motivates me in a way I never knew possible!

I am so lucky to have connected with people that share this passion.  What will you all help me do next? I’m gonna need you big time for my first full Ironman in 2012!


  1. There’s certainly a lot to be said for the public accountability…people will call you on the smallest thing, but it’s a two way street and they’ll be there during the lows too to make you feel like you can fly!

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