Trying to run quietly

I have noticed an increase in my speed running over the last 9 months.  I never started running to run fast.  For me it has just been about finishing the race; completing not competing.   I attribute a lot of this speed increase to the bike training I have been doing.  I think the increased leg turnover in cycling has helped make me a faster runner.

But if I really want to get faster (and I do) I have to start doing some structured speed work.  Up until now, the only speed work I have done has been some fartleks while running and some quarter-mile repeats. This morning was my first crack at doing a structured speed workout.  I am training for a half marathon in late August 2011 and a full marathon in October 2011, both of which I have some time goals for.  I am using the FIRST training method which concentrates on doing speed and tempo workouts in addition to long runs.  It also mixes in cross training which works great for me since I am a triathlete.

So how did it go and why do I want to run quietly?  It was hard (that’s what she said)!!! I probably made less than half the intervals at the right pace (except for the rest intervals; there was no pace for them).  This is way out of my normal running routine.  The quiet part has two sides to it.  One, my Garmin beeps at me when I am running too fast (rarely the case) or not running fast enough (usually the case).  I don’t think there was one interval where it didn’t beep at me…a lot! And two, I was breathing so heavy and loud I bet people in their homes could hear me!  I wasn’t wearing headphones so I couldn’t drown myself out. I sounded like it was my first run ever and I was trying to win a marathon!

I know it will get better and it will work…eventually.  But for now I am apologizing in advance to the people of Thousand Oaks California that I will wake up with my heavy breathing and constant beeping.

Click here to see what my workout looked like from the Garmin data.


  1. There is no substitute for intervals to get faster. I love when my coach puts 1 mile repeats on the schedule. I know it will hurt like crazy but it is my job to run them fast and run them all out until I collapse. Each time I finish my third I finally look at my watch and always surprised by my pace.

    Keep up the great work. You are going to be awesome at your races.

  2. You know I love my speed 🙂 It really pays off.

    Have you though of doing Marathon Pace workouts. Essentially you pick your goal pace, and you try to hold it over a period of time. Something to consider.

  3. I am not that speedy overall but I love doing speed work. Maybe because I love the challenge of pushing myself to limit and the feeling of accomplishment when I am done. It does hurt if you really push it but it definitely can produce changes in fitness quickly. Hope it goes well for you!

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