KSwiss Blade-Light Run shoe review

New shoes right out of the box

Up until recently I have generally run in Asics running shoes.  I started in the 2100 series like most and then moved up to the Kayanos as I began to run more and more.  But when I joined my Triathlon team one of the perks was sponsorship from KSwiss (which translates to a nice/helpful discount).  I am a heavy heal striker so I can wear through the black sole of a running shoe in 200 miles no problem.  Unfortunately this means I go through shoes pretty quickly.  So having a discount at KSwiss is helpful, very helpful.  I started out in their Konejo II line which is more of a stability shoe (essentially what my Asics were).  Except for a slightly longer breaking in period they gave me no problems; very supportive and comfortable.  But as I am striving to improve my running (which means getting off my heals) I felt it was time to leave the comfort and cush of a stability shoe and move to something lighter weight and more neutral.  So I got the KSwiss Blade-Light Run shoes.

Immediately I noticed a difference n the weight of the shoes.  They were much lighter than what I am used to running in (9.3 oz).  And after the first run in them I knew they were going to move me in the right direction of getting off my heels.  I know this because my claves were pretty sore after the first run.  This is normal if you are running more on your mid to forefoot as opposed to your heals.  Except for the first couple of runs making my calves a little tired, I settled in nicely to the new shoes.  After about 40 miles (I have about 80 on them now) I took out the insoles and put in a more substantial pair (I took them from my other shoes). That gave them just the right amount of spring and they feel great now.  I have always switched out the insoles ever since I first started running.

I am very happy with the shoes.  They breathe well, are very light weight, and seem to be doing the trick with helping me move my foot strike forward.  I can tell this because I haven’t wore the heels down nearly as much as I have on my other shoes.  I am hoping to get at least 250-300 miles out of these shoes (which is big for me).

After 9.5 miles


  1. Interesting… I am interested in trying a pair of these minimalist type shoes, worried on the other hand of messing up everything about my running…


    1. Me too! Things are moving in the right direction for me so changing things seemed scary. You have to trust that you have a solid base that will allow you to change things gradually. Not like switching to barefoot out of the blue! Thanks for the comment!

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