I think I am in love…

…with my new shoes! I only have a few runs in them but I am loving them so far! Gonna do 20 in them this weekend.   This will be the true test!

My new KSwiss Kwicky Blade-Light Runs right out of the box.


  1. Ok so we’ve talked Kswiss before and I’ve looked at these, but I’m afraid they won’t have enough support…HOWEVER, after running 30 miles this week I’m thinking I need cushion more than stability/control for my everyday 5-7 milers then maybe up that support for the 8-15 milers.
    THEN, race the 1/2 and the 70.3 run in the cushioned shoes and I’ll continue my shorter tris in my Zoots b/c they are so cozy w/o socks and light too …so help me out here my Kswiss expert…do the Kwicky’s fit the bill? This is such a pain!~

    1. After my 20 miler in the Kwicky’s yesterday I think a shoe with more support for your longer runs would be better (the Konejos maybe). My calves are tired today and my legs ached after the run yesterday. I want my legs to get stronger so hopefully I can get off my heels when I run so I am going to continue with the Kwickys I really do like them. But they might be better for you on your shorter runs. I also put a new set of insoles in them (I always do that) and that really helped with the cushion aspect.

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