Ventura Half Marathon of the Harbors

This was a race that I was looking at several months ago but I didn’t decide to run it until about a week before the race.  I have been training for the Portland Marathon and my training plan called for 15 miles that day.  I figured 13 miles at a pace below my planned marathon pace would be a acceptable switch.  I PRd at my last half marathon (1:46:26) but that was way back in February, so I wasn’t quite sure what I could expect my body to do.  I went into the race hoping to run a 7:45 pace which would put me around 1:41.

The race was in Ventura, Ca and was very flat.  It was an out-and-back along the coast from one harbor to another. Flat and out-and-back are not my favorite ways to run but at least the temperatures would be good. So I got to the race with just enough time to wait for the potty then do a quick warm up without too much standing around time.  It was a pretty relaxed race so we all shouted go together (kind of cute).

Of course I went out a little fast at the start but within a couple miles I settled into a pace that was just around 7:45.  Overall I was feeling great and comfortable until after the turn.   By about mile 8 I started to feel it a little more.  I almost broke my ribs about 4 weeks prior to this race when I fell trail running.  I was starting to feel some pressure in my ribs as the race wore on, but not too bad.  As usual miles 9-11 were pretty tough and I had trouble keeping up with a couple people that passed me, but I was looking on target to make the pace I wanted if I could kick it for the last 2 miles.  When I got to the turn back into Ventura Harbor I got one last boost of inspiration that helped me finish with the fastest mile of the whole race, 7:26.

I ran 1:41:02 by their clock. Good enough for 7/83 in my age group (if they did AGs like triathlons I would have had 3rd!).  Over all I am very pleased with the results.  The next big race on my schedule is the Portland Marathon October 9, 2011.  I am really starting to latch on to the goal of qualifying for Boston since someone pointed out to me that my qualification would be good for the 2013 race as well. (I can’t do 2012 because I am hoping to do my first Ironman and it is too close to the Boston Marathon.)

Click here for the Garmin data. (And yes, I did max my HR at 202; I think I am part hummingbird…)


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