I will follow…

as best I can!

I am just over three weeks from the Portland Marathon and I have been trying to follow the FIRST plan in hopes of qualifying for Boston.  I have done my best to follow the plan.  It has been a little bit of a juggling act since I have been racing while training for Portland. That has complicated the plan a little but for the most part I stuck to it.

The biggest difference in this training  plan was I finally tried to do speed work.  Speed work has never been a friend of mine.  But once I figured out the suggested splits were a little too fast for me, and that doing the speed work on the flattest surface possible (even the treadmill) helped,  I found myself more and more successful at completing the prescribed workouts.

I have my last 20 miler this Sunday.  The first two were awesome (see here and here)and I am hoping I can nail this last one and finish the plan strong.  The real proof  will be seen October 9th when I run the Portland Marathon.  If I can go sub 3:40, watch out Boston!  I will see you in 2013!


  1. Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out for you on Oct 9th! My money is on you to BQ. I’m not the gambling type but knowing how well you have prepared for this race, I wouldn’t be too concerned about throwing down some big buck on you!

    1. Funny enough, I don’t have that all worked out yet! I am lucky to have access to some coaches who are part of my tri-team that I train with locally so I will be using them for guidance (I really can’t afford a coach). I wasn’t going to dive into the training until December/January. Good luck to you with IMCDA! Would love to follow your progress!

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