Hay in the barn…

Two weeks out from my marathon and has the taper madness sets in.  All I can wonder is did I put enough hay in the barn.  I followed the plan as best I can (which wasn’t so great).  I had a pretty big race during my training which kind of sucked up two weeks.  My body got a little warn out and beat up (almost broke my ribs trail running and a sore hip for the last few weeks).  I have done all I can do considering everything that has been going on in my life (long story and not here).  Now I just have to sit back and feel confident with the miles I put in.  The graph above shows you all the running miles I put it for this marathon by week.  Over all I am really happy with the amount of running I did to prepare.  I just wish I could have done a better job at the interval and tempo work.  I really believe that those workouts are what would help me to meet my goal in Portland and qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I had a couple of really successful long runs and my run at the end of my 70.3 in July really leads me to believe that I have this race and I will qualify.

So hopefully I put enough hay in the barn and the adrenaline will kick in at mile 20 to carry me to a strong finish.  I do know that no matter what time I finish in I will finish with a smile and be proud of my run.  I have done ALL I could do and I will do all I can on race day.  Boston, I’m coming to you in 2013…watch out Bean Town!


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