My Weak Week

I am almost one week post-marathon (Boston qualifying run in case you missed it), and I really messed up.  I didn’t recover properly.  I think my first mistake was not eating enough or very well after the race.  I drank a bunch of OJ, ate a bagel, had half a sandwich, and some grapes.  That was it until about 4 hours later when I had a burger, fries, and chocolate shake.  I also didn’t take care of my body right either.  Instead of going home and icing my muscles I took a shower and crawled into bed…for 3 hours!

My poor recovery haunted me all week.  By Tuesday I was having terrible PMS (post marathon syndrome).  I was crabby and crying and just felt awful! By Wednesday I was dragging;  I had no energy.  Thursday I finally tried to run; it didn’t go so well.  My quads were still killing me and I could barely turn my legs over.  I walked a bunch of my run.  I came home,showered, and decided to take the day off and stay home in bed.  I slept for 4 more hours and just kept eating whatever sounded good.

Finally, Friday morning I felt like me again (although the quads are still a little unhappy).  I am convinced had I properly recovered immediately after the race and the next 24 hours I don’t think I would have felt so bad for so long.  I spent so much time getting ready for the race I didn’t even think about what to do after the race.  I wont make the same mistake twice!


  1. First, congrats on your BQ!!!
    Second, I am racing my first 26.5 in five weeks!! Philly Marathon. Planning on driving home, 4 hours, afterwards. And working the next day. Will I regret both of these decisions?

    1. Working the next day is a great idea. But the driving home right after the race might be tough. Can anyone drive you home? I go into what I like to call “post race coma” and essentially fall asleep for a couple of hours. Make sure your have good food to eat and ice your legs! I totally failed this step at my least race. But most important, enjoy the marathon!!! They are so much fun (in hindsight)!

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