Marathon #2- New Goals

If you have been following my blog lately you know that in October I qualified for the Boston Marathon when I ran the Portland Marathon in a time of 3:34:43.  This was an incredibly hard race for me.  It took everything I had to run that time.  I am extremely proud of that race because of what I did, qualifying for Boston.  But there are a couple things I did that could stand to be improved upon.  Specifically I went out to fast in the first 11 miles and could barely keep my pace the last 6 miles and I did a terrible job at recovering after the race.

So on Sunday, November 6th I will be running the Santa Clarita marathon.  Since I have achieved my BQ already I have two different goals for this race that I think will help me greatly as I train for an Ironman.  First I want to run each 6 mile segment of the race faster than the previous and then run the last mile the fastest of the whole race.  I am finally seeing the value in being able to pace myself effectively.  This is a skill I must improve at if I want to do an Ironman which will take me anywhere between 13-15 hours.  I usually am pretty good at evenly or negatively splitting a race but this time I want to really try to get faster as the race goes on.

The other thing I want to do (and must do because I have a 50K 2 weeks after the marathon) is take my recovery (immediately after and for the next couple days) serious.  I did a miserable job not taking care of my body (muscle wise and nutrition wise) after Portland.  As a result my legs hurt for days and 4 days post marathon I had to take a day off work just to sleep!  This time I will be prepping a variety of foods to eat right after the race and the rest of the day.  I also plan to do some aggressive icing, stretching, and foam rolling.

Look for a post about Wednesday next week to see how I did.


  1. Yes, get your recovery done properly. This will be a huge benefit for you as you prep for the 50K for sure. Can’t afford to be on the sideline because of poor recovery.

    My suggestion is to take the recovery product from Herbalife within 30 minutes of the race. After that within 2 hours eat a nice sized meal (400-500 calories) that is heavy in carbs. Pancakes, oatmeal type of breakfast. This will set you up nicely to eat again 4-5 hours later when you will be hungry again and can start to pace out your meals and replacing that spent glycogen.

    You are going to do great this weekend. Can’t wait to hear the results.

  2. Wow, Becca I know nothing about running marathons but think it is amazing what you accomplished and are going to accomplish. Good luck with the training on the Boston Marathon, keep me informed so I can route you on in spirit.

    1. I really think the FIRST program from the Run Less, Run Faster book worked wonders for me. Only running 3-4 days and then using cycling for cross training helps a ton! I believe the high cadence of cycling transfers to making you a faster runner! You still have 10 months to qualify and join me in 2013! That is the race report I want to read!

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