SPIBELT- Best Running Belt EVAH! Product Review

I recently ran the Portland Marathon and with any larger marathon comes a pretty cool expo (hopefully).  I love to spend a lot of time at the expo and check out all the goodies.  This expo was no exception.  I went twice!  I got a couple really cool things but my favorite score was a SPIBELT.

I am the kind of runner that likes to carry a few things with her because #1 I often run alone  so I like to have my phone, and #2 I usually am out for at least an hour so I need some tunes. For the last couple months I have been running with a backpack/hydration vest that I love! It carries everything and more but I can’t wear it all the time.  Sometimes it is more that I need and something smaller would be great.  I used to use a belt that could carry water and had some pockets but as I lost weight the  belt would never sit still on my waist no matter how I adjusted the velcro.

The SPIBELT has been great.  It has an accordion style pouch that expands to carry more that it looks like it can.  I can fit my iPhone and iPod Nano in it easily.  It has the straps on it so you can hook on some gu or gel.  I also got the straps that you can put on to attach your race number.  What I love the most is the fact that it doesn’t move AT ALL when I am running.  It stays in place the whole time.  In fact, I often forget I am even wearing it.  This, to me, is the best feature of this product.  It is small, holds a lot, and doesn’t move when running.  I did get the water resistant model as well since I usually am holding some type of electronic device in it.

I highly recommend this product.  It works great for me and I could see it working great in a variety of situations.

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