KSwiss Kwicky Blade-Light Shoe Review

Fresh out of the box!

I have been running in KSwiss running shoes for the last year or so.  And as I have tried to increase my speed I have also tried to reduce my shoe, by running in something that is less of a stability trainer and more neutral shoe.  Prior to running in the Kwicky Blade-Light  I was running in the Blade-Light RunsI was happy with that shoe because it started to help shift me into a more neutral position and was starting to get me off my heels.  But when a company comes out with the new and exciting shoes, who doesn’t want to try them?

I was fortunate to be given a pair of the Kwicky Blade-Lights right after I did Vineman this summer and I was very excited to give them a spin.  I was gearing up to start my training for my A-race marathon of the year, Portland, so I need a good shoe to get me through.  They are extremely good looking shoes (yes, that matters to me) and I really love the material they are made from.  It is different from any shoe I have ever run in before.  It is made of material that is hydrophobic (water fearing for those of you that weren’t science teachers in your past) so it is water resistant but still breathes well.  Here is some of the details about the technical information for the shoes from the KSwiss website:

Profile: An innovative light-weight running shoe featuring Blade-Light technology and stability enhancement. 8.0oz, 227.76g.

• Guideglide dual-density construction featuring Blade-Light cushioning and side drainage.
• Superfoam heel crash pad and footbed.
• Aosta II heel outsole and Duraplush forefoot outsole.
• Dynamic TPU arch support and 3D medial posting for enhanced stability.
• Seamfree technology heat welded seamless upper for total comfort.
• ion-mask™hydro-phobic technology for state of the art water resistance. (ion-mask™by P2i)

The fit was excellent.  Lots of room in the toe box which is good for me.  I run up and down hills a lot so extra room in the toe is good for me.  The ankle and heal support is very comfy.  I did a lot of long runs in these shoes and at first my legs were pretty tired after the runs since there was a little less cushion compared to a traditional stability trainer.  But then again, I was doing 20 mile runs, faster than I ever had before (that could have been making my legs tired as well!)

The only problem I had with these shoes is related to how I run.  I am a very heavy heel striker and  as a result I managed to tear off the black sole on part of the heel after 100 miles of use.  KSwiss was very helpful to replace the shoes when I did this.  When I ran the Portland Marathon in these shoes I managed to do the same thing to them again (and after 100 miles).  I don’t think it is a flaw in the shoes but more it is a combination of my running style and the way the sole is constructed.

Ready to run The Portland Marathon

I do have to say, these shoes got me through a vigorous marathon training plan that included four 20 mile runs.  I qualified for Boston in these shoes and then ran another marathon 4 weeks later where I was the 4th overall women and 1st in my age group.  I couldn’t have done that without some good shoes!

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