Trained the Terrain?

Elevation Profile for 50K

With my first 50K only 3 days away I am feeling a little anxious.  I didn’t really train for this race specifically.  I really concentrated on my A-marathon (Portland, October 9, 2011) training and didn’t spend as much time on the trails as I should have.  I did have a couple good runs on the trails but I think a good 20 miler in the hills would have been a really good thing.

I have been really lucky in that I tend to surprise myself and do better than I think will when I tackle a new event or distance.  I am really hoping that this trend continues.  I have done a race that took me 6 hours before (my anticipated finishing time).  But this will be my first race that will be 6 hours of the same activity (running) and climbing over 5000 ft over 30 miles of trail.

This is my last race of the year.  It has been quite a difficult year for me both physically and emotionally.  I hope I can make it through the race Sunday with a smile on my face, happiness in my heart, and NO injuries! (I want to be an Ironman! on May 5th!)

Below are the elevation profiles from a couple of my trail runs over the last couple months.  Let hope I trained enough of the terrain!


  1. Becca, you train harder than anyone i know on the planet! You’ll do your best in this race, and you’ll add “Ultra-marathoner” to your list of accomplishments. Relax, breath and kick ass.

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