Trifecta for Tribecca

It has been a busy 6 weeks for me. I did three pretty big things I NEVER imagined I would be able to do.

The first thing I did was qualify for Boston.  I had thought about trying to qualify when I first started running but after my first couple marathons I couldn’t wrap my head around running a marathon under 3:40.  It seemed impossible.  I knew that to do it meant I would have to really commit to work on my speed, something I had never enjoyed.  But with a great training program, the support and encouragement from my friends, and more long runs than I had ever done while training for a marathon I pulled it off and qualified by running 3:34:43!

The next thing I did was win my age group in a marathon.  I had signed up for the Santa Clarita Marathon in case I didn’t qualify for Boston when I ran Portland.  Granted, it wasn’t the biggest group of people running but who cares! I won my age group!!!  The coolest part is I made the leaderboard for the race so when people go to see the results they will see I was the fourth woman overall!

The third thing was I completed an Ultra trail run.  I ran a 50K just two weeks after running the Santa Clarita Marathon, and just 6 weeks after doing Portland (that should qualify me to be a Marathon Maniac as well!). 6 Months ago I would never have imagined running 31 miles, let alone on trails with over 5000 ft of elevation gain.  Now I didn’t train specifically for this race so honestly I was a little disappointed with my time.  But the more I thought about it I realized that I did something that not too many people can do.

So this year’s racing has come to an end and it is time to start planning for 2012.  I am going for a pretty big trifecta on May 5th as well… Wish me luck!

Click here  to hear a podcast where I talked about my three races with Kimberly L.


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