Running Naturally?

Coming into the finish and heel striking big time!

In an effort to hopefully get faster and stay injury free (something I have done pretty well at so far) I am embarking on trying to correct my running form.  I am a notoriously heavy heel striker. It is not uncommon of me to wear through the black soles on the heels of my running shoes in less than 200 miles.  And from all the literature out there, it seems like mid/fore foot striking is more efficient and should result in faster running overall.

So starting today I will be using the plan in Natural Running to help correct my running form.  The plan is fairly detailed (if you read it that is) so it should be simply a mater of me following the plan; something I am not the best at.  The worst part is that I can’t do any significant running for the next 4 weeks!  I keep seeing people running down the street and I get jealous!  Hopefully this will work because I would love to gain/lose 30 seconds per mile!

Here is a little more evidence of my running issue…

(**if this plan also cures me of my “girly arms” that wouldn’t be a bad thing either, #justsayin)


  1. I get worried that making drastic changes to my form will CAUSE more injuries. but good luck your quest for better form and boyish(?) arms?

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