Month: November 2011

SPIBELT- Best Running Belt EVAH! Product Review

I recently ran the Portland Marathon and with any larger marathon comes a pretty cool expo (hopefully).  I love to spend a lot of time at the expo and check out all the goodies.  This expo was no exception.  I went twice!  I got a couple really cool things but my favorite score was a SPIBELT.

I am the kind of runner that likes to carry a few things with her because #1 I often run alone  so I like to have my phone, and #2 I usually am out for at least an hour so I need some tunes. For the last couple months I have been running with a backpack/hydration vest that I love! It carries everything and more but I can’t wear it all the time.  Sometimes it is more that I need and something smaller would be great.  I used to use a belt that could carry water and had some pockets but as I lost weight the  belt would never sit still on my waist no matter how I adjusted the velcro.

The SPIBELT has been great.  It has an accordion style pouch that expands to carry more that it looks like it can.  I can fit my iPhone and iPod Nano in it easily.  It has the straps on it so you can hook on some gu or gel.  I also got the straps that you can put on to attach your race number.  What I love the most is the fact that it doesn’t move AT ALL when I am running.  It stays in place the whole time.  In fact, I often forget I am even wearing it.  This, to me, is the best feature of this product.  It is small, holds a lot, and doesn’t move when running.  I did get the water resistant model as well since I usually am holding some type of electronic device in it.

I highly recommend this product.  It works great for me and I could see it working great in a variety of situations.

Perfect Fit Protein Cookies- Product Review

One of the cool perks to being on the Cook Train Eat Race Team is that we have some great sponsors and we get to try some great products.  One of our sponsors is Boundless Nutrition out of Austin Texas.  They make a variety of gluten free products with athletes in mind.  One of my favorite products is the Perfect Fit Protein Cookie (who doesn’t like cookies?).

There are a couple things I really like about these cookies.  They are very easy to eat.  That may sound strange but sometimes the bars and things I eat before/during/after working out are kind of hard to choke down.  Not these cookies.  They are the perfect consistency for me. Not dry at all and perfectly chewy.  What that means to me is I can eat them at any time.  I can use them as a quick recovery snack after a hard run, or as a quick bite on my way to the gym, or as a snack on my way to work if I haven’t had breakfast yet.  And the most important part to me, they taste great!  I am looking forward to trying some of the other flavors but honestly you can’t go wrong with chocolate chip cookies!

They also have other products like more traditional bars (lots of dark chocolate if that is your thing) but the cookies are my favorite so far!

October 2011 Training Summary

Training Summary

  • Running – 101 Miles /15:39
  • Swimming – 4 miles/2:25
  • Biking – 131 miles/9:55
  • Total Distance – 236 miles
  • Total Time : 28:52


My “A” marathon of the year was this month, the Portland Marathon.  I had been training for it since July and had realized in the last 8 weeks of training that I was really close to Boston Qualifying.  With that in my head I gave it all I had and successfully qualified for Boston by running 3:34:43.  I had a very difficult recovery because of what an intense effort it was for me but I was finally feeling pretty good about 2 weeks later.

Notes on Month

My overall distance and time was down quite a bit this month due to the taper before the marathon and the recovery after.  I am shocked to see I still ran over 100 miles for the month!  This whole month was really eaten up by the marathon.  But I think it was worth it!  The rest of the month was just about trying to maintain since I have another marathon the first weekend in November and my first 50K on November 20th.  I am really looking forward to the 50K.  I think I will be challenged in a way I never have before.  I think it will be a good test of my will as I get ready to start training for my first Ironman…which I am registered for!!  Thanks to my Cook Train Eat Race Team, I am registered for Ironman St. George on May 5, 2012!

Goals for November

  • Successfully complete another marathon and my first 50K
  • Begin to work on correcting my running form (get off my heels)
  • Increase my swim volume (I have lost a lot of speed in the last three months)
  • Work on a new more consistent training schedule
  • Try to be at peace with my life (long story)

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