How do I spell relief? I-R-O-N-M-A-N

If you read my week 6 training summary you may have noticed I referenced a golf ball sized mass/lump I found on my chest near my shoulder last week.  Well I saw a surgeon today to discuss what the recovery time will be like to see if I can get it out before Ironman St. George.  As I am lying on the table to be examined I looked up to see and M-Dot (the Ironman logo) pin on his lab coat.  I was overjoyed to say the least.  Turns out he has done 10 Ironmans and his wife has qualified for Kona three times and he is even doing Vineman with me this summer!  He understood exactly what my situation was and made me feel at total ease.

So if the scheduling goes well, I should be having it removed after the Palm Springs Century, then I will take a couple weeks off in the pool before the Desert Triathlon the first weekend in March.  The doctor thought that was totally reasonable with the type of mass he was going to remove.  He does NOT think it will be anything other than a benign fatty tumor so I am relieved over that as well!

This was #thegoodstuff!


  1. omigosh, how scary and unnerving that must have been to have to deal with that mass. I’m glad it’s going to be OK and you found a kindred spirit in your doctor. I’m riding the Palm Springs Century, too. Maybe I’ll see you there?

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