Off with my running shorts and on with my big girl panties

I have been looking forward to this weekend for awhile.  This was supposed to be a big brick.  Century bike ride on Saturday then half marathon on Sunday.  Well the last couple times I have run I have had some pretty intense IT band pain in my right knee.  I took the last week off from running, roam rolled as much as I could stand, and even had a massage.  Today I did an easy run with my Sons for their Jog-A-Thon at school. It didn’t feel so great; and two hours later I stood up from sitting and had a horribly sharp pain in my knee.  So I have to take off my running shorts this weekend and put on my big girl panties and not do the half marathon.  This is the first race I have ever signed up for and not done.  I know that I need to get this fixed NOW and if I push it too early it will be much harder to rehab it later.  I know it is the right choice but I am kind of bummed about it.  But, I am still really excited to do my first Century on a bike tomorrow!  I promise, post to follow! Now time to foam roll!


  1. tough one! sorry it didn’t go as planned but you’re doing the smart thing. have fun on the ride and foam the hell out of that IT and take care of it

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