Week 8 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Week 8 was the beginning of a build set but there were some problems…

Swim : 5 miles (9200 yds) /2:55

Bike: 113 miles / 7:13

Run: 1.5 miles / 0:20

Total: 120miles / 12:286

I had a lot of pain the week before from an aggravated IT band so I planned to take time off from running and try to foam roll and stretch it as much as possible.  Because of the IT band issue I decided not to run the half marathon I was signed up for on Sunday in Palm Springs. But I was still going to do the Century.  The ride was awesome and a success except for that whole crashing part.  While the crash was a big bummer I feel like I successfully completed over 100 miles on my bike and t gave me a lot of confidence.  In some sick way I am kind of glad I crashed only because it is nice to get the first crash out of the way!

I am having surgery on Wednesday to remove the lump/mass in my chest so this week has become a rest week.  After being in a continual state of training for the last 2.5 years, a week off actually feels pretty good (just wish my ribs didn’t hurt so much!)  I will be glad to get back on my plans ASAP bu it is kind of nice to be taking a little break both physically and mentally.

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