Thank goodness for Netflix and other random thoughts…

It has been a very difficult week for me.  I crashed my bike last weekend in the Tour de Palm Springs and it has left me in no position to train.  This is quite possibly the longest break in training I have had in over two years.  It has left me with extra time on my hands which is never a good thing…

Netflix: Due to my current living situation I essentially don’t have TV which means my major source of entertainment has been whatever I can stream through Netflix on my Roku.  As a result I polished off all the United States of Tara episodes and I am making some good progress through Heros.  Thank goodness I have it because it has kept me laying down in bed which is probably the only thing that is going to help my ribs (which are still really painful).  If you have any other suggestions for things worth streaming on Netflix, send them my way.  Just no more documentaries on the US food supply.  I am not sure I can ever eat chicken again as it is… And if you haven’t seen it you have to watch the Vanishing Bees!

Don’t pick Mom!: I am always bugging my kids not to pick at their cuts and scrapes and chapped lips and this week the tables were turned.  As my road rash started to heal I got some really nice scabs.  The kids would catch me messing with them then yell at me not to pick them.  This made them very happy to realize that they could call me on the same stuff I call them on.

What is this going to mean for May 5?: I was already expecting to take a couple days off for the surgery but the bike crash was so traumatic that I am really worried that I am going to have another super low week next week as well.  I don’t think this will keep me from being an Ironman by any stretch but it is putting a little chink in my mental armor with regards to my confidence on race day.  I am betting it means a longer time to finish and a harder recovery after the race.  I just feel behind in my training and I hope I have time to get it all in before race day.

The final damage $: so the bike cost me $180 to be repaired plus $140 for new handle bars.  I still need to replace my helmet so at least another $80 to follow.  What is the proper bike crash etiquette?  The guy who knocked me over did come back and gave me his phone number.  I texted him but got no reply.  Do I call him and ask for some money to cover the repairs?  I am not sure what the protocol is…

It has been a very trying week for me emotionally and physically.  I have been able to put on a smile and convince myself that it is all going to be OK.  If I am not better by next weekend (and be better I mean running/biking/swimming again) I am concerned that convincing myself might start to get a little more difficult.


  1. Netflix and I are the best of friends because of the trainer. I just watched The Double with Richard Gere and Topher Grace. Good movie.

    Heal up and you have been putting in the time so when you are back at it the muscle memory will kick in and you’ll be good to go for IMSG.

  2. I watch Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men, both of which are on Netflix. i just recently watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” which I think you’d find interesting. My trainers have been telling me to watch “Forks over Knives” which I’m gonna get on pretty soon.

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