Week 9 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

The crash last week made it pretty much impossible to do anything.

Swim : 0

Bike: 118 miles / 1:15

Run: 0 (but I did 2.16 miles on the elliptical)

Total: 22/ 1:50

The crash really threw me for a loop and made exercising impossible.  The road rash was bad but it was the pain in my ribs that was the worst.  Then on Wednesday I had minor surgery to have a lump/mass removed from my chest neat my shoulder.  That went really well and I don’t think that is going to make much of a difference with my recovery.

It was a down week for me and made me worry a little about my Ironman in May.  If I can get better in a week I think it wont have a big impact on my training.  What I am most concerned with is my running right now.  I also got a hold of a new product to use to work on my hip and IT band, it is called a Myorope; expect a review to follow.  I hope next weeks report is a little bit more cheery. (This week is already going better so I bet it will be :-))

Road rash and bruises one week post crash. Road rash is healing nicely!

Bruises one week after crash. Right after the crash there was a huge dent in my right shin.

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