Week 10 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

A slightly better week. But OMG I am half way through my plan?!?!

Swim : 2 miles/ 1:30 (swimming and aqua jogging)

Bike: 89 miles / 6:08

Run: 0 (but I did 8.6 miles / 2:15 on the elliptical)

Total: 100/ 9:54

I did my best to do something this week.  I made a pact that every time my butt hits the saddle I had to stay on until I did 20 miles.  I also tried using the elliptical at the gym to keep doing something that resembles running but doesn’t aggravate my IT band.  The pool continued to be a real challenge.  The pain in my rib cage, chest, and back was just too much for regular swimming so I tried to do some water jogging.  I need some grippy shoes because the pool floor was kind of slippery.  But I did make it out to the coast for 50 beautiful (but slower) miles on Sunday.  It was my first time back on the bike out side since the crash, and I am happy to report I like my new handle bars!

This week is about trying to run again.  I had a realization that CRAP, I have an triathlon on Sunday and I have to run 6 miles?  OMG, how am I gonna do that?  It is also about trying to have  a few more workouts that make me smile (there haven’t been too many smiles on the Dailymile from me lately).

I also just realized that I am half way through my 20 week plan for Ironman St. George.  I am not where I would like to be at this point but I hope that in about three more weeks I will be at 95% of what I was before the crash.  I need to have a realistic time from for recovery and remember the success I have had in the past.  Right now that (and some awesome cheerleaders) is what I have to get me trough a tough time both physically and emotionally.

One comment

  1. Stick with your plan to keep your ITband as least aggravated as possible. You can get through this and you will get through it… Half way GULP. That gives you lots of time to be truly prepared and recovered. Don’t forget to smile you have the ability to do something most people wouldn’t even consider. That is a blessing.

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