Month: February 2012

Week 7 of 20 – Ironman St. George Training

Week 7 was a rest week and boy did I rest!

Swim : 3 miles (5500 yds) /1:44

Bike: 59 miles / 4:11

Run: 13 miles / 2:26

Total: 75 miles / 12:06

The last build week before this week was pretty intense so my body was exhausted on Monday.  I really listened to my body and took it easy.  I got extra yoga in and was forced to do a lot more stretching and foam rolling that I usually do.  The pain I felt in my knee last Saturday on my 14 mile run came back with a vengeance this week.  I decided to switch up my weekend a little and I went to the trails for some much need trail running.  After 6 miles on the trails my left knee/ITB was killing me.  I had to walk a lot of the last two miles and could hardly walk the rest of the day.  I am terrible about using my foam roller so in an effort to be consistent someone suggested putting an appointment on my phone twice a day to remind me…thanks a lot…no really I mean it!  This means no running all week until my half marathon on Sunday.

This week was also a little bit stressful due to the lump/mass I found in my chest last week.  But luckily I saw the surgeon this week and it turns out he is a 10X Ironman!!!  He got me scheduled in right after my century/half marathon brick I am doing in Palm Springs this weekend.  Hopfully that should give me enough time to heal before my first triathlon in March.

This week I will be focusing on my bike, swim, and stretch since I can’t run right now and I wont be able to swim very soon.  I am also going to go get another massage to work on the ITB issue.

My first bike moves on

I am very vocal about my training and accomplishments.  I work hard at my training and I like to share my accomplishments.  The best thing I could hope would come from my sharing is that maybe I will inspire or encourage others to push them selves to try something new.  Well it has happend several time in the last month.  First, the mother of my son’s friend told me what an inspiration I have been to her and she is getting back into her exercise routine and hopes to run a marathon.  Then my boss told me she signed up for her first 5K and when she is out walking/jogging she thinks of how much I do and that helps push her to keep going.

But the coolest one, was a family member.  He has struggled with personal issues his whole life but is a natural athlete.  When he was out visiting a couple months ago I kept taking him to the gym with me.  He was amazed with the volume of training I did and it inspired him to sign up for a triathlon.  He now has a routine he is following at the gym and has lost 15+ pounds!  He needed a bike for his first race and called me to ask for a recommendation.  I had just cleaned up my first bike and was getting ready to try and sell it on Craig’s List.  The timing was perfect!  I took the bike to the shop, got it boxed up, and sent it off to him;  he got it yesterday and is so happy.

Sometimes I feel like what I do is selfish; but then it is things like this that make me even more proud of what I do.  Thanks for letting me pat myself on the back for a moment!

I’ve been tagged!

I have been tagged by a fellow athlete and asked to follow the rules below… hope I don’t gross anyone out!

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about “you are tagged if you are reading this”. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

My 11 Random Things

    1. I rarely use deodorant.  I guess I am just so sweet there is no need! (that is sarcasm if you don’t know me)
    2. I like to eat frosting out of the can.  It is not uncommon for me to belly up to a spoonful of frosting for dessert.
    3. I have a bad habit of looking at my butt in the mirror… a lot.
    4. I make noise when I eat but I can’t hear it, only those around me can.
    5. I drool when I am concentrating really hard or sleeping…
    6. I used to bite my nails when I was growing up.  When I get really stressed out, I sometimes  do it again…
    7. I think I have perfect feet.  They are getting a little less perfect as I abuse them more and more but I have no wonky toes (but a little hair on each one).
    8. I like the way dog feet smell.
    9. I cry a lot at random things.  It is not uncommon for me to cry several times during a big race.
    10. I love Tang. I have been drinking it lately when I ride.
    11. I have never traveled outside the US.  I need to fix that.

They usually are cuter than this, I swear!

Here are the answers to the proposed questions.

  1. Finish this sentence; “Revenge is a dish best served…” never (ok maybe sometimes, but not often)
  2. If you could invite anyone who would you invite to dinner, (alive or dead) and why? Of all the questions, I am having the hardest time with this one but I bet dinner with Ellen DeGeneres would be a blast. 
  3. If you could run a race anywhere in the world, which one would would it be? The Norseman (extreme triathlon) because it would be an amazing feat of endurance and the scenery looks amazing.  I think I would garner permanent bad ass status with that one!
  4. Sum up the bare foot, minimal running, normal shoes argument in a sentence! The most effecient way you can run without injury is how you should run, period!
  5. Early morning, middle of the day, in the evening? When is the best time? To run…get your mind out the gutter! Morning, by far!!! (my mind is permanently in the gutter)
  6. Do you really read all those magazines you subscribe to, please be honest? I don’t subscribe to any magazines but if I did, I would probably just look at the pictures.
  7. What’s your favorite race distance? So far it is the 70.3 triathlon.  It is a challenge but it doesn’t kill you.
  8. What does you family/friends think about your running/biking/swimming etc?  My family has grown to be supportive but most of my co-workers think I am crazy.
  9. In the style of “Jeopardy” please answer this question “yes, at least twice a day, Alex” What is read
  10. We all have our “Achilles heel” mine is my ITB, what’s yours? I have had a niggle in my hip/sit bone area since August and it just doesn’t want to go away.
  11. Stretching; do you…should you? I do not do it enough; I should do it WAY more; and I am trying to by practicing yoga.

You’re tagged!

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My Questions

  1. If you drink coffee, how do you take it?
  2. What is your guilty iTunes pleasure?
  3. What is your favorite junk food treat?
  4. Cats or dogs?
  5. What is your favorite part of your body (we all have one and I don’t want to know your least favorite)?
  6. When drinking beer do you drink out of the bottle or use a glass?
  7. What would your dream job be?
  8. If you could choose a different first name what would it be?
  9. What is you favorite “That’s what she said” line.
  10. What are you most surprised about with regards to your life today?
  11. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

OK, you’re it!

How do I spell relief? I-R-O-N-M-A-N

If you read my week 6 training summary you may have noticed I referenced a golf ball sized mass/lump I found on my chest near my shoulder last week.  Well I saw a surgeon today to discuss what the recovery time will be like to see if I can get it out before Ironman St. George.  As I am lying on the table to be examined I looked up to see and M-Dot (the Ironman logo) pin on his lab coat.  I was overjoyed to say the least.  Turns out he has done 10 Ironmans and his wife has qualified for Kona three times and he is even doing Vineman with me this summer!  He understood exactly what my situation was and made me feel at total ease.

So if the scheduling goes well, I should be having it removed after the Palm Springs Century, then I will take a couple weeks off in the pool before the Desert Triathlon the first weekend in March.  The doctor thought that was totally reasonable with the type of mass he was going to remove.  He does NOT think it will be anything other than a benign fatty tumor so I am relieved over that as well!

This was #thegoodstuff!

January 2012 Training Summary

The route of my 80+ mile ride

Training Summary

  • Running – 99 Miles / 15:10
  • Swimming – 24 miles/ 15:07
  • Biking – 386 miles/ 26:05
  • Total Distance – 512 miles
  • Total Time – 61:49 (close to a 13 hour increase over December)


I did the 13.1 Los Angeles.  I hadn’t been doing much speed work or focused running so this race was just about completing the distance and having a good time

Notes on Month

This was my first full month of Ironman St. George training.  My goal was really just to stick to my plan(s) and I think I did pretty well considering.  My swimming is coming along nicely, my run is coming back to me, and I feel stronger on the bike every time I go out.  The biggest thing I am struggling with are the weekday workouts.  Life/family/work keeps me pretty busy so weekdays can be a challenge.  I did my longest ride at the very end of January, 81.6 miles and I felt pretty good during and after.  Early in February I will be doing my first century on a bike.  I am really excited to cover the distance!

Goals for February (I am keeping them the same as last month because they all still apply)

  • Just keep working on my bike.  Saddle time, saddle time, saddle time!
  • Get my running mileage back up!
  • Eat cleaner.  I want to get better about bringing healthy food to work.  I had gotten my weight down to under 130 at the end of the summer and I would really like to get back there again.
  • Stick to my training plan and not get frustrated when life intervenes.  Life will always intervene.
  • Get my kids more involved in my training.  I am working on getting the youngest more comfortable on his bike so they can ride with me while I run.