I have to do what?!?!

I have had a tummy ache for the last two weeks.  It comes and goes.  At times it is so bad it has me doubled over in pain and other times I am totally fine.  I finally got fed-up and went to the doctor yesterday expecting them to say it is nothing.  They ran a barrage of tests, blood, urine, and x-rays.  I expected nothing to come back odd so it was a little bit of a shock when my blood results were a little off.  You have  type white blood cell called an eosinophil.  A normal count is 0-5% but optimal is 2.5% for an adult.  I was a little shocked to see mine was 19.1%.  The doctor said anything over 20% is really high so I am essentially really high.  Eosinophilia can be to due to many different things but there two main causes; asthma (which I don’t have), and a parasite.  EWWWWW!!!!!!!!  I left the office with what you see below so I can “check” for parasites… #FML


  1. Doing my samples at home sure was interesting that’s for sure. My sister walked into the bathroom when I was umm scooping the “specimen” into the container and totally freaked out. In all defense I had the door closed!

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