October 2012 Training Summary

DNA Fitting System for new shoes

The month started out strong.  I did my 10K on October 6th and met my goal.  I also started running with a group at a local track which I have found to be very beneficial (and fun!). But late int he month I started to develop some pretty bad tummy aches.  I have been trying to eat a vegan diet for the last two weeks so I wasn’t quite sure what the cause was.  After some funny blood work they thought it may have been due to a parasite.  But after removing some things from my diet I think the culprit is soy.  Not great for someone trying to eat vegan… Anyway, here are the numbers for the month.

Swim – 1 miles / 0:39

Bike – 51 miles / 4:25

Run – 66 miles / 10:57

Total – 119 miles / 16:21

I did switch out my running shoes this month and I am happy to report that so far I am having ZERO calf pain when I run.  My main goal for the month is to re-claim a workout schedule.  One of my main workout partners has been training for a pretty big race so I haven’t been able to do as much with him but one that race is over I will get my partner in workout crimes back!  But I also was able to pick up another fellow runner to run with, Lisa from RunWiki.  She is also training for Boston and although she is faster than I, I foresee a lot of miles together! So with all that in mind, the goal for the month is to set up a schedule and stick to it (as best as I can).  I really only have one more month to get my running base up before I start working towards Boston.

Train safe and happy!

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