Filling Out My 2013 Race Schedule

I needed a 70.3 distance race in my prep for Challenge Penticton and since I have a few big races this year, this one would have to be on the less expensive side.  The perfect solution that came to mind is Barb’s Race.  It is a 70.3 Triathlon on the same course at the Ironamn 70.3 Vineman race.  But this race is two weeks later, only for women, and is capped at 450 entrants.  It is the same weekend as the Full 140.6 Vineman race so the area will still be very busy but since none of the races that weekend are branded Ironman, I expect it to be a little bit more low-key.  The big difference for this race is I have to do some fund raising; something I have never done before.

I am really excited for the race!  The plan is to make it a quick trip (only two nights); and since I have done the course twice it will be easy to make a quick race out of it.  No need to get up early or stay after.

Please click here if you would like to contribute.


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