The Next/Newest Plan


Ever since Ironman St. George in May I have essentially had no training plan.  None of the races I have done since then had really required a strict plan (except for the 10K) and I have felt like I am still just trying to get my running back.  I am just under 20 weeks away from the Boston Marathon so I better figure out how I am going to train for that race soon; training starts the week of Christmas!

You may know that I am going through a divorce and that has put a dent in the time I have to train (I get the kids ready for school every day so I never have a morning to run; yes I can ride my trainer the mornings they are at my house).  But if I want to have a good Boston, I have to run! Funny how that works!  I have been working over the possibilities in my head for the last couple weeks and I think today I finally figured out how to make it work (thanks especially to my Mom; without her I couldn’t do this!)

Keep in mind that I am using the FIRST plan from the Run Less, Run Faster book.  It got me qualified for Boston and it works great for a multi-sport athlete (I can’t forget I have a 140.6 this summer as well!)  The general plan is three solid runs a week; interval work, a tempo run, and a long run.  The rest of the week is cross training.  So here is my plan:

Monday – Swim PM

Tuesday – Interval Run at the track (on weeks I can’t do the track I can do a lunch run of 400s)

Wednesday –Rest/Yoga/Stretching

Thursday – AM Trainer Ride

Friday – PM Tempo Run (my mom will keep boys after school thru taekwondo and dinner, there is no need to get them ready for school the next day)

Saturday – AM Trainer Ride, PM Swim maybe

Sunday – Long Run (on weeks where I don’t have a super long run on Sunday I can also ride my bike for a longer ride on the roads)


I have really been worrying about how I was going to fit everything in and this seem like it might be the solution! I will test out this schedule for the next couple weeks and then the plan starts 12/24/2012!


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