2 weeks!!!

TwooweksoutI originally qualified for Boston in October of 2011 and my time to train for the Marathon is finally here (well, in two weeks)!  When I started running in 2005 and completed my first marathon in 2007 I had aspirations of making it to Boston one day.  As I ran more and more I couldn’t wrap my head around how I would ever run fast enough to qualify. I started with a 5:22 marathon and worked my way down to 4:21 by my 5th  marathon.  I had pretty much dismissed the hope.  Then in the late summer of 2011 my speed was picking up as was my endurance.  About 8-10 weeks out of the Portland Marathon I really started to believe I could do it.  Amazingly everything fell into place on race day and I had a great race!

So now I am two weeks from starting my 16 week plan (I am using the FIRST method again) and I am getting excited.  I really miss marathon training.  It is hard and long but very satisfying! (#TWSS, couldn’t help myself)  I am excited to concentrate my efforts on one thing instead of three like I had to with the Ironman.  I just hope my body can keep up with my head during this training cycle.  I really want to nail this plan.  I have done it before.  And I believe I can do it again.  So I have two more weeks until it starts.

The picture above is kind of what my training weeks will look like but maybe 2-3 hours longer.  I finally found a schedule I think I can handle so once I start it will just be a matter of not getting overwhelmed with the plan as a whole but, rather working on a week by week basis.  I think I will do the video logs like I did for Ironman St. George for this cycle as well as the written weekly summary.  That worked great for me to set small areas of focus each week and stay in the present.

Stay tuned…


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