Week 1 Has Begun – Boston Marathon Training


My wall of motivation in the kitchen

My 16 week plan for the Boston Marathon started this week.  I am really looking forward to training for a marathon.  Originally my goal was to PR in Boston and hopefully run 3:30.  I just haven’t been running that fast lately and I don’t think I can get too much faster in the next 16 weeks.  My goal for Boston is to have a controlled run and do it in 4:00.  I think this is achievable so my goal marathon pace will be 9:00 min/ mile.

I am using the FIRST plan which is good for me because it is only three runs a week and allows for cross training.  The general weekly plan is:

Monday : Swim

Tuesday: Run (speed work)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Bike (trainer ride)

Friday: Run (tempo)

Saturday: Bike (trainer) and Swim

Sunday: Run (long run)

I will need to find a way to get some longer bike rides in as well so I can start ramping up for Challenge Penticton training which will start shortly after Boston is done. I have very limited time for running so this will be interesting.

**And week one will be a little interesting because I am doing this on Saturday and Sunday!


  1. I am so excited for you! I think your goal is so attainable and I have a feeling you will exceed your expectations. I have been meaning to text you and say Merry Christmas, so here I am sending you love and joy today and everyday! xoxo

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