Salute the Sun Salutation

So I was laying in bed this morning awake at 5:00 AM and my mind was racing.  I had the bright idea to get up and try to do a little yoga before I start my day.  I really need to work on my flexibility and yoga is great for that.  So I searched “Sun Salutation” on my iPhone and did a little sampling of videos.

First I did this one…

Not bad and easily understood.

Next I did this one…

This one was actually my favorite. She has a cool accent!

Then I tried this one…

The chirping birds in the background were a little annoying but she does go into more explanation of the poses later in the video.

And lastly I did this one…

Cool music and they go through the sun salutation several times but no instruction so I had to keep looking to see where they were.

Anyway, it felt great to get out of bed and move a little before starting my day.  Hope I can do this a couple mornings a week.  At least the mornings where the bed is easier to get out of…


I just found this graphic from another blogger! Love it!  Putting it up at home!


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