Pacing Myself


When I tackle a training plan for a race I usually find that I can’t attack 100% of the plan details.  For instance, when I did the FIRST plan the first time (no pun intended) I really only watched my pace on the long runs.   I found the paces for the other shorter distances just too hard.  I guess that is why I do better at longer races versus shorter races.  Now that this is the second or third time (I am losing count) that I will be using this plan, I am really going to make an effort to hit all the paces in all three workouts.  I am basing my paces off a 24:00 5K (which I sort of ran back in October).  Here is what I should be running…

400M – 1:46

600M – 2:42

800M – 3:36

1000M – 4:32

1200M – 5:30

1600M – 7:27

Short Tempo – 8:00

Mid Tempo – 8:15

Long Tempo – 8:30

Easy – 9:35

Half Marathon Pace – 8:33

Marathon Pace – 8:53 (I want a sub 4 hour marathon time)

I truly believe that I can train at these paces for all the interval and tempo runs.  I am a little less confident for the long runs.  It has been a really long time since I have run more than 12 miles so the first four weeks of the plan will be very telling. The weekly long runs start like this: 13, 15, 17, then 20.  You end up doing five 20 mile runs over the course of the plan.  You get right to it!


  1. Keep practicing, it’s definitely a skill. Before long you’ll see, you’ll be able to lock into a pace.

    Maybe once every two weeks just trying running naked or with just a stop watch and see how your body feels when it runs. I did this and it really helped my pacing

    1. I have found using my watch to see what my pace is compared to my perceived exertion works best for me. Using my watch helped me get into Boston. I would never run without it. I may not look at it constantly while running but I find the information I get out of it after a run so helpful as well.

  2. You got this and you know I will be there every step to make sure you do…now go and charge that fancy watch of yours!

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