Week 1 of 16 – Boston Marathon Training


Week one is in the books; and I hope that the next 15 weeks go as well as this week went.  I am using the FIRST plan which works well for me because I need the cross training to keep up my triathlon training as well.  This week was atypical from what most weeks should look like.  I managed to get in the pool three times but my partner in all things crazy and I decided to do a Tour of Sufferlandria.  Essentially this  equated to a LOT of trainer time at the end of the week.  Because of this, I pushed my long run up  before the Tour started so I could have a good long run.  Major success! I was supposed to run 13 miles at MP + :30 (9:30/mile pace) and I did 14 at 9:15!  My interval run earlier in the week was a little slow (hungover from Christmas Eve), but my tempo run went very well despite a MAJOR head wind.  I also really looked at what my paces for each run should be and I think I can do it!

Over all I am SOOOOO excited to be marathon training. I had a big silly grin on my face during my long run Saturday.  Life will get more complicated  once my kids go back to school so I will have to be very diligent to train when I can.  There is not a lot of wiggle room in my schedule.

Below are the links for my three runs.

Garmin link for interval run.

Garmin link for tempo run.

Garmin link for long run.

26 miles run. 13:30 total training.

Video to be added soon…


  1. Good week of training. I’m following with interest as I’m planning on using the first program for a may marathon. Great job on the sufferfest training, your quads will be rocking!

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