Week 2 of 16 Boston Marathon Training

**Yes there was a video here earlier… I apparently messed up the audio, so instead of making you watch me talking like a silent movie, I removed it.  I will re-record tonight…after I swim… Now back to the post…

Week 2 went to plan which is a great way to start a training cycle.  I am still beyond excited to be running the Boston Marathon that I really want to nail this training and show up ready to kick some butt on April 15th.  I feel sorry for my friends because I keep saying how excited I am for Boston.

This week I finished up the Tour of Sufferlandria which I had to take a DNF on.  It was much harder than we expected and I just ran out of time for another day of trainer riding.  Boston is the goal so I have to keep my eyes on the prize!  I managed two swims this week and I was really pleased with my swim on Saturday.  First swim of 3000 yards in a really long time and I did really well on the main set.  Very consistent and a decent pace for me.

The runs this week went great.  My interval run was done at a park near where I work.  It is a mile from my office and the loop at the park is over 0.25 and kind of squishy.  It was great to have this as an option for doing short interval runs near work.  My tempo run went well even though I felt pretty tired still from the all the trainer riding the weekend before.  I left for the run thinking there was no way I would do it and ended up nailing my five miles at marathon pace.  I have been most nervous for the long runs lately because I just haven’t been running much over 10 miles for the last several months.  This week was 15 miles at MP + :45 which equates to 9:45/ mile.  That being said I wanted to do 9:30 if I could…and I managed and average pace of 9:23!  Lucky for me Stuart was there to help push me to keep my pace.  It always helps to have someone to chase but it isn’t quite as helpful to find out his max HR at the end was 70 BPM less than mine!  Oh well!

I am a little anxious about this week since my kids go back to school and life gets a little more hectic.  I am very excited to be chatting with Barb, Kelownagurl tonight for her podcast.  Look for a link soon…  Links below are for the run data.

Interval run data

Tempo run data

Long run data

26.5 miles run this week.  9:35 total training time.


  1. It’s a great feeling to perform well in workouts even when you are doing them on tired legs. And you definitely know you are in the thick of a training block when that starts to happen was well.

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