The End (for now at least)

finishNow that I don’t have anything on my training plan for an indefinite amount of time I have been examining my motivation for writing this blog.  I have really enjoyed writing about my training and adventures for almost two years.  I have bonded with many great people and I have been part of a really special community.  This blog started at a point in my life when I was going thru some very big personal changes.  Honestly this blog, and my quest for and Ironman and Boston qualification, was really my way of working through a lot of pain.  I am thru the pain.  I am in a much better and happier place now.  Shockingly I don’t feel the need to train for any more huge races or keep writing this blog.  All I want to do is surround myself with the people I love and enjoy being active and fit.  This is not to say I will never do another marathon or endurance event; just that right now I have NO desire to train for one.  This prospect is a bit of a double edged sword.  Since marathons and triathlon have defined me for the last 4 years, where does that leave me?  Do I still matter?  Do I have anything to contribute to this community any more? At this point I just want to take a step back and work on me and my family.  I don’t feel like worrying about a training plan or nailing the next tempo run.  I am extremely at peace with this.  So with a few tears in my eyes and a ton of joy in my heart, I am stepping away from the blog… for now.  I am sure something will come up in my life that draws me back so I can share my experiences but I bet my posting will be few an far between.

Thank you so much to those who have supported me and commented on the blog.  Your interaction and feedback meant more to me than you know!

Take care and be happy!

❤ Becca


  1. If I didn’t know you’d be right down the street from me, I’d be a bit sad about this, but I am the lucky one who gets YOU!!! Can’t wait to have you as my neighbor. I am so very happy for you and wish you happiness in this next chapter. xoxo

  2. Wishing you the best Becca. I have only recently stumbled to your blog after listening to your podcast adventures with Kelownagurl. I just wanted you to know that I am inspired by you. I have only recently joined the blogging world (mom always said I was a late bloomer) and did so because I want to journal my adventure of fitness, goals, aspirations, kids and life for myself but also to somehow, sometime touch and motivate others. I am an adult teacher by trade and each day I try to build up the self confidence of adults who think they are dumb and can’t do something. That’s what I think you have done for others. Shown your adventure and become an inspiration for others like myself. I just wanted to say thanks.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I was just having a conversation with someone this weekend about how people underestimate what they can do. There is really nothing special about me except one thing and that is I believe I can do anything I put my mind to. Keep up the awesome work and show people that they can do it. They just have to choose to do it and make it a priority.

  3. I totally understand. Blogging—and training—should be fun. This is not a job. I look forward to interacting with you off the blogosphere—as we are real friends now. 🙂

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