Bow to the Queen!

photo 2I have been less and less active on the site Dailymile over the last 6 months.  I haven’t been training very hard for anything in particular and have just lost touch with the community.  That community moved me forward more than I could ever have imagined.  I have done things I never thought I would have achieved and I owe a lot of it to the support that I have found at Dailymile.

But I have found it increasingly difficult to be an active participant with the people on the site just due to time.  With  the exception of a few people on Dailymile, I have connected through other avenues with the people I have really bonded with.  I wouldn’t trade the time I spend on that site for anything but it is now time to move on.

I will be only logging my information in Strava and Garmin  connect from here on out (TriBeccaTO in both places). I am very excited to use Strava for the segment data and I need to keep using Garmin for the swim data.  As you can see above I got my first Queen of the Mountain this weekend! Of course, as you can tell, I am back to blogging again so I will continue to chronicle my journey (destination unknown) here on my blog.


  1. I have an off-on relationship with DailyMile. I find it hard to see the “big picture” of people’s training. I love the calendar feature in Garmin Connect for that but I don’t know if you can see other people’s calendars. Do you log ALL your training there or do you just log the swimming there? Will you post weekly training updates as you train for IM? (Please? 😉 )

    1. I will upload all my data to both Strava and Garmin. but I will probably only add commentary to Strava. And I will do training updates once I am training for a race again! Especially since I am planning on going for 140.6 again!!!

  2. I am loving the new blog design!! House remodel, blog remodel, I’m seeing a beautiful trend here! xo

  3. I haven’t been on DM for over a year…same thing, just lack of time to follow. I need to look at Strava more seriously….I love Training Peaks/WKO and Garmin of course!

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