Something has clicked

Four weeks ago I started training for my next race, the Tiki Swim, a 2.4 mile open water ocean swim.  I enlisted a friend to help get me ready.  He has given me workouts and comments on my swimming form.  Something has clicked… Pace is faster and stroke count is down.  Yay!!

1600s 6 X 500


    1. Yes, the 910 XT. I love it. You will see a couple “phantom laps” in one of the work outs. The better your form is, the cleaner the data is. Using the 910XT has made me so much more accountable in the pool.

  1. That’s freaking awesome….I’m stuck at 1:42-1:44/100 and I’m dying to break into the 1:30s….granted a lot of work has gone to drop from 1:47-1:48/100 to where I am now and I can hold it over 2.4 miles, but I am GREEDY in the water and I want and feel like I SHOULD be faster…I’ve done it my entire life, you know what I mean…it’s not like cycling where there has to be some time to learn the skill….I should have these skills already!!
    Love the 910 for this AND for not having to count laps AND to keep an eye on pace, incase the mind drifts and so does form/effort sometimes with it on longer sets!!
    Great work…green with envy!

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