Month: November 2013

Vanderkitten VIP…That’s Me!

VanderkittenBannerOK, I am super excited!!! I am a Vanderkitten VIP.  Yes, I know I am more of a dog person when it comes to pets but I am so honored to be a Vanderkitten VIP this year!  So far it looks like an amazing group of women who do awesome stuff!! This has got me even more excited for 2014!

**mad props go to my boyfriend for suggesting I go for it!

Ironman in 2014 – Coach or no Coach?

IMAZRapstar I went to Arizona to volunteer at the Ironman in hopes of getting a spot in the race for 2014.  I got my spot! So now starts the year of prep. I am trying to decide what level of commitment I want to  make to this race.  Do I just want to finish better than I did in St. George in 2012?  Or do I really want to do the best race I can do? As a result  I am seriously considering getting a coach.  I would love to hear your experiences with having a coach.