The reasons I have been quiet…

I  have been pretty quiet on the blogging front lately for a couple of reasons.  First I haven’t had any huge races lately so that tends to keep me quiet because there isn’t much going on training wise.  Well, now that I have signed up for Ironman Arizona expect that to change.  I have a lot of training and several big races leading up to my A-Race in November 2014. Get ready for some graphs and training summaries!!! Second, we have a new addition to our big complicated family.  Some of you may know I have a blended family with my partner in all things, Quadrathon.  We have 4 young boys between us so life was busy already, but…. we had a girl! Girl dog that is!  She was rescued from a great rescue out of Apple Valley California.  She is a coon hound mix, we named her Cali (for California), and we couldn’t be more head over heals for her! She even has her own Twitter and Instagram (@adognamedcali)!

photo 1

And the last thing (but most exciting) is Quadrathon and I got engaged!  I couldn’t be more excited! He is my soul mate and I am so excited to be with him now and forever!

photo 2


  1. Congratulations!
    Now, post all the ways you will avoid pain and injury this training year.
    The pain-free plan for A-race. 🙂

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