Wildwood 10K 2013 Trail Run Race Report

SufferScoreThat pretty much sums it up.  And up was where we ran!  We got a new local 10K here in town on a local trail I have run many times.  We signed up and though this should be fun.  I was excited for my first run as  Vanderkitten VIP!  Had my new snazzy hat and couldn’t wait to run!


It was fun but OMG it was hard!  Everything was great for the first 2 miles; nice and fun and easy.  We even ran by a volunteer keeping us away from the baby rattlesnake!  Weather was perfect.  A little breezy and warm but really really nice.

And then the climb started… Up to Lizard Rock.  I had never run it that way before; I guess I had always run down it.  WOW!  I was walking and had a HR of 192!  It was really challenging.

WW10KElevationOnce we got to the top we got a nice quick downhill followed by some tricky technical rocky miles. We went back down to almost the very bottom again just so we could climb up one more time!  That was when they snapped a picture and I actually managed a smile!


Overall it was a really hard run but I had a blast.  It was great to do something local with all the local runners we know. Can’t wait to run it again next year! But I think I might practice that climb a few more times!

Garmin data can be seen here.

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