I have never been more excited…

Stuart and I at the top of the first climb.

Stuart and I at the top of the first climb.

2013 was a busy year.  A lot of really good things happened for me although it was not a big year for me running/triathlon wise.  I was supposed to run Boston in April of 2013.  But is was apparent by January that my body wasn’t ready for Marathon training so I stopped training and decided not to go.  What a blessing that was…

I did a couple Olympic distance triathlons. I did a big bike ride in Big Bear.  And I did a big swim in Oceanside.

This year had a lot of personal “events”.

I bought a house with my boyfriend.  We merged our two families (4 boys, 11 and under).  We adopted a dog.  We got engaged.  We made each other smile and feel loved everyday!

So now we are getting ready for 2014.  We are laying out our plans.  Race plans.  Wedding plans.  Vacation plans.  Money plans.  The WHOLE plan.

I have never been more excited!


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