Friday Update

greatracelogo14_385x425I don’t have anything super exciting to write about this week but I am running my first race of the year.  I am doing the Great Race of Agoura Chesebro Half Trail marathon. I have run this trail many times but I have never done this race.  I had a small slip last weekend when I was running the course and in an effort to not mess up my ankle I strained the muscle in my shin.  I took an extra day off running and did 30 minutes yesterday with no problems at all.  I am really hoping to have a good race.  I don’t expect to do well in my age group but a good solid run would be nice!


In other news, my husband Stuart is going for Sufferlandrian Knighthood in April.  He is using this event to fund raise  for the rescue, Beagles and Buddies, where we got our two much loved dogs, Cali and Sprocket. We would be thrilled if you would consider making a donation to this rescue.  They do great work there and they could use the support.  (and he will kill me if I rescue another dog!)


Have a great weekend!

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