TYR Wild Crosscutfit Workout Bikini Review

I have been very happily swimming for about 2 years in a two piece swim suit made by Waterpro.  I have had no problems with the suit and it was very affordable.  I wanted to try a new suit that was a little bit lower cut in the front (yes, I wanted better tan lines on my chest…You should see my wedding pics!).  The problem with getting a suit that is lower cut in the front is that it  can catch the water when you kick off the wall and gap open.  I have had that problem with a Nike suit in the past.

photo 1

Forgive my bad bathroom selfie and photobombing dogs!


So I searched SuitOutlet.com for what I thought would work and wasn’t crazy expensive.  I found the TYR Wild Crosscutfit Workout Bikini. It was $34.99 which seemed very resonable to me since it will get worn 2-3 times a week until it falls off of me…  I took it to the pool today for my swim.  I am VERY happy to say it passed my swim test!  It stayed put on top and did not gap at all when I kicked off from the wall.  I did need to tie the drawstring in the bottoms but I think that is because they sit lower on my hips as opposed to higher at my waist.  I got a size medium (I am 5’5″, 132lbs, with a 34 bust and a bit of a belly from having kids…) Over all the suit is extremely comfortable and I had ZERO issues with it.  Usually I wait a little while to do a review on a product but I have found you know right away with swimming suits.  The next test is how long it lasts. The material is little bit different bu I really like it.  Not as shiny as a normal suit.

photo 2

Time for some new tan lines!


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