Working On My Bike

I have always maintained that the bike is my weakest of the three disciplines. So as a result I need to work on it the most. “Train your weakness” Stuart very wisely says. Well in addition to training on my bike through the help of my coach I have done a few other things as well.

First I have done a complete rebuild of my bike. Stuart did an awesome job of replacing all the “bits” with better “bits”. He worked for about 6 months gathering all the pieces I needed to have the whole bike upgraded to full Ultegra components. Then I took it to Wins Wheels, our LBS, and they rebuilt the bike for me (thank you wedding money!).


Next I had someone fit me to the bike. I had Lauren from Dialed In Bike Fitting help get me set up on the bike so I can get more power out of my position. In addition to changing out my saddle to an ISM Adamo Road saddle (which I love), she also lowered my seat, adjusted my aero bars, adjusted my cleats, and suggested better insoles for my shoes. So far, ALL of these modifications are working really well for me! I went out after she made the changes and got 29 achievements on Strava for a loop I ride often! Looks like progress to me!


Lastly, I am going to ride fancy wheels this weekend. I have my first Olympic Triathlon this weekend. I have high hopes of making it to the podium this year. So I borrowed Stuart’s deep section (not dish; it isn’t pizza) wheels on Sunday and gave them a test ride. Lets just say my hands still hurt two days after riding because I was holding on for dear life with every gust of wind I got. Hopefully I will relax on the wheels at some point because I would really like to ride them in Arizona. I am not too worried about riding them this weekend since the ride is not typically windy. (but we will bring my wheels just in case!)

We will know by Sunday if it is all paying off. I have a feeling it will!

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