Kit Konundrum


This Sunday I will be racing Vineman 70.3 in Sonoma County California.  I have done this race twice before.  The first time went really well.  The second time not so much.  I have been training really hard and I am hoping for a good result.  We will see on Sunday.  Lately I have been struggling with what to wear.  The more I do triathlon the pickier I have become in my gear. I am developing some preferences when it comes to clothing and I can’t seem to find the perfect kit for race day.  Here is what I want my kit to have:

  • Built in bra (I am small enough on top that the built ones work fine for me)
  • Pockets in the top (deep enough to hold a little food and loose enough to be easily accessible)
  • Zipper in top to allow for venting if it gets hot
  • Top should be long enough to cover top of shorts and not ride up so my belly shows
  • Bottoms shouldn’t be very long
  • No leg grippers if possible but if they have leg grippers not extra tight so you get sausage thighs
  • Wide waste band the same size all around and not super tight to reduce the muffin top issue
  • Wide chamois/pad in the back; I don’t want the seam of the chamois to hit rub were I make contact with my saddle
  • Not too many grooves in the chamois; that gives extra opportunity for pinching parts
  • Fairly snug fitting bottoms overall; I like a little compression
  • Whole kit should be cute and distinct and if possible match my bike and make me look 10lbs lighter (ok, maybe that isn’t that important)
  • Whole kit shouldn’t be more than $120 all in…

The three kits pictured above are as close as I have to the “perfect” kit

The SOAS kit has everything except good sized pockets and a wide chamois.  I love the length of the shorts and everything else. This kit is a little pricey at $180.

The Hammer kit’s(made by Voler) only issue is there is no built in bra and the bottom of the top has a tighter elastic edge BUT it doesn’t ride up. The shorts are great; perfect leg grippers (or lack there of) and good chamois for me. This kit is also the most affordable at $90 all in and you can often get a deal and get it for less!

The Vanderkitten kit (made by Pactimo) is by far the cutest and I really do like the one piece.  Problem is the pad is very minimal, the kit is a little loose, it has no pockets, and it zips down the back.  It worked well for my Olympic Tri but I think I may run into issues for longer races. I am a VKVIP so I get a deal on this kit but it can range from $129-$169.

So for my upcoming race day I have chosen to race in the Hammer kit. I am still searching for the perfect kit for Ironman Arizona.  I have my eye on a Castelli kit, the Body Paint.  But at $250 for the top and bottom I am struggling to let myself get it.


  1. Good luck at Vineman! I got a Smashfest Queen kit last year and have really loved it (especially the longer top with pockets – total score!).

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