Ironman Arizona Training Week 1 of 17 – Crash!


Well I sit here ready to write my first week training summary and this was NOT the summary I wanted to write! I was planing to write about how proud I was that I did every work out on my plan. I wanted to tell you about my awesome new kit from Coeur Sports (I will anyway). I wanted to tell you about my crummy run on Saturday where my HR was really high and I couldn’t run slow enough to get it down.  Instead I will tell you about my bike crash (After I give you the weekly totals 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 5.32.58 PMAs you can see I did everything… Except for my cycling which was cut short by some railroad tracks… I really wanted to do everything on my plan this week.  I wanted to start the training off right.  Oh well. At least I got my obligatory crash out of the way! Training wise, swimming was fine this week; nice Tower 26 swim on Wednesday and two other session that went fine.  My long run this week didn’t go so well.  It was supposed to be 3 X 15 min at just sub threshold HR.  It was really hot and and no matter how slow I ran I couldn’t get y HR low enough. Sunday was supposed to be my long ride… 5 hours.  I found a route that was relatively flat but I didn’t have to drive to.  I wrote this week about keeping things simple. So I found a route that went from my house and set off Sunday.

I was about 5o minutes into the ride when I came to a rail road crossing.  I got off my aero bars so I would have more control as I went over the recessed tracks.  I tried to make sure I took them at as close to 90 degrees as I could but with the way the road went and the tracks crossed it wasn’t possible to hit them at exactly 90 degrees. When I crossed it felt like my bike tire was pushed to the left and I went down hard on my right. I was going 19.3 miles when I crashed (see Garmin Data here)Luckily two VERY nice motorists stopped immediately. They got me off the road and helped me sort myself out. My finger and shoulder looked the worse but I could tell I hit my hip pretty good. I called Stuart and he came to pick me up. The good Samaritans were awesome! The man with a tuck offered to drive me home but I told him I was ok.  The two ladies with kids waited with me until Stuart arrived.  We loaded up my bike, went home to change my clothes and get my purse, them went to Urgent Care. X-Rays of my finger and a few band-aids and I was out of there (with some pain meds). Nothing was broken so there wasn’t much to do about it. Amazingly my new kit from Coeur Sports handled the crash like a champ.  As you can see from the pictures below I landed on my hip hard.  There is not a snag on my kit!! Not one! The material is amazing! Expect a better write up about the new kit very soon.  I am really happy with it!

I actually have a funny feeling of relief.  Crashing is part of riding a bike. I wasn’t riding carelessly but I just hit the tracks wrong. I kind of feel like I have gotten this part of bad luck out of the way so it will be smooth sailing from here on out… For this week I will take it easy.  I expect to feel worse over the next two days. My hip and shoulder are definitely out of whack so we will see how that plays out.



  1. Hope for a speedy recovery. Got to experience a crash while on Challenge Atlantic City, still recovering from a couple of broken ribs. Rest up and you will be back to it 🙂

  2. You’ll be fine! I had a bad crash during my IMFL training. Hip swelled up like a basketball. Compression…ace wrap and Ice!! And from someone who has to ride over RR tracks all the time…..SLOW WAY down and stand as you cross! 🙂 Glad your ok. Def. scary, but those pain meds will come in REALLY handy, about midnight… the night of the race, right??!!!

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