Ironman Arizona Training – Week 2 of 17 – I want to quit

So I crashed at the end of week 1 training. I actually wasn’t that discouraged the day of the crash. Crashing happens when you ride bikes. I knew the crash was just an accident. I didn’t feel it was really my fault.  I didn’t work out last week until Sunday. I did 60 min on the bike trainer which went fine; just easy peddling. Then I got on the treadmill to try running. This didn’t go so well. It only too three steps to realize that I can’t run yet. There is pain in my hip that I can’t run through.

So here I am, in my third week of training for Ironman Arizona and I am contemplating quitting. I know that seems extreme. I have been reminded by Stuart that I have a very solid base so a couple of weeks off isn’t going to ruin my training. But I want a good race. I really want a good race and I am worried that if I can’t get moving again soon I am going to show up in Arizona unprepared and just half-ass my way through the day. That is not what I want.

I know it is early to think about quitting but I want to be honest about how I am feeling right now. I have an appointment on Thursday with Sports Medicine/Orthopedics. Originally this was for my shoulder which has had a niggle for months (doesn’t hurt when I swim, only when I extend my arms in streamline). But now I am going to ask about my hip. I rode my bike last night and applied a little effort and my hip is not happy about it today.

I will try to record a video later…


  1. Hang in there. Wait to see what the doctor says before making any decisions. You are strong. You can get through it 🙂

  2. Don’t be silly. Don’t quit. I get that you want to perform your best, but the thing about Ironman is that SO MUCH can happen/change during training and on race day. To perform your best you need to be flexible with whatever happens.

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