Me, overdramatic? OK, maybe a little…

Arizona FinishSo my last post was a little dramatic. I will admit it. I went to see the orthopedist today to talk about the pain in my hip and shoulder.  The verdict on the shoulder is tendonitis of the bicep. I was happy it wasn’t my rotator cuff. This one wasn’t that concerning to me because I can swim with no problem (just can’t streamline well or use a kick-board; neither are necessary for race day).

After the bike crash I started having pain in  my hip. The pain gets wore when I run or get out of my saddle on the bike. This could be a big problem. The doctor looked at X-rays and tested out the hip. His thought is it is just a bad bruise of the muscle from the bike crash. He said more rest (I am giving it another week). If after the rest it still hurts I can come back for an MRI because maybe there is something going on that didn’t show up on the X-rays (stress fracture or torn muscle).

This gave me some hope. I kind of needed a doctor to tell me to rest and that it is most likely nothing. That is why I put the picture of last year’s winner, Victor Del Corral, in this post. I was actually there when he crossed last year. It was pretty cool. I feel like I will make it to that finish line as well (I wasn’t so sure for the last week).  The clock will NOT read 8:02; that is for sure. Heck, it might read over 16 hours like it did in St. George. But I think I will be crossing that finish line on November 16 sometime before midnight. We will find out in just over 15 weeks!


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