Ironman Arizona Week 3 of 17 – <100 days!

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.40.59 AM

Last week I went to see the Orthopedist to investigate why my hip and shoulder were sore. Luckily nothing was that bad and the doctor thought I just needed a little more rest. I think the mere fact of visiting the doctor is what helped my recovery. On Saturday I did an hour on the bike trainer, which felt better than the hour on Monday. Saturday evening I rode my mountain bike to the store to get a few groceries (and tonic for my gin and tonic). It was the perfect way to ride outside for the first time since the crash. The position on the mountain bike and the huge tires makes for a very safe-feeling ride. Sunday I did 30 minutes on the treadmill followed by 30 min swim. The run was actually ok. The swim hurt quite a bit in my shoulder where I had hit it in the crash. But instead of stopping right away, I kept swimming to see if it would loosen up and get better. It did. It wasn’t great and I swam really slow, but I swam.

So here I am, less than 100 days until race day. I have a feeling it will take me about 3 weeks to get back to where I was pre-crash. But the fact that it is less than 100 days has me a bit more motivated to get this done. I keep saying I am not doing any more triathlons after Arizona. That may not hold true forever, but I am really looking forward to handing up my tribike, and simplifying my training greatly! Stuart is training for a marathon and some trail running. I am so jealous of his training right now. It is simple and uncomplicated. I wish I was doing it with him. 96 days and counting…


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