2015 Plans (yes, I know it is still 2014)

I know I was just complaining to Stuart the other day that I hate having to sign up for races so far in advance because you never really know what life will be like once the race rolls around. But I think I have the major event of 2015 picked out! The TransRockies Run (6-days of course).

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.01.27 PMA dear friend from my college days actually helps support this race and I am REALLY interested in it.  It is a little costly ($1300-$1500/person depending on when we sign up) so that will take some figuring out. But I really want to do this. Really really want to do this one. Next year I turn the big 4-0 and what better way to signifying going over-the-hill than by running over 20,000 feet of hills!

The race has a cap on participants so we will have to make a decision relatively soon but luckily there is a withdrawal policy in case something comes up.

OK, back to Ironman training…

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