Thank You To My Cheerleaders

cheerleaderWhen I did my first (and only) Ironman in May 2012 one of the things that kept me going that day was knowing how many people were cheering for me. There were only a few on course that day but there were many others virtually cheering from locations around the world.

This time it looks like I might have quite a few people on course cheering for me as well as online. The cheering has already started and it is really helping. I have gotten a few messages from people cheering me on now. My motivation has been lagging, but knowing that people are cheering helping keep me on track.

If you aren’t busy on November 16th and need something to do in the Tempe/Phoenix area, come on down to Temp Town to cheer me on! I will give you a high-five, a sweaty hug, or possibly a few tears in return!


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